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Nick Avery qualified at Guy’s Hospital in 1975 and practised as a conventional GP in Sussex for 20 years until leaving in 2000 to practise complementary /integrated medicine full time. He began with acupuncture in 1984 , then a year later started the homeopathy training which led to his MFHom qualification in 1999. He used these techniques in his NHS practice for 6 years and also worked at the homeopathic hospital in Tunbridge Wells as a Hospital Practitioner where he helped to develop their successful acupuncture service.

Nick is a founder member of the Tunbridge Wells homeopathy course (HETW) for medical health professionals, where he is Director of Education. He represents HPTG and HETW as a member of the Academic Board of the Faculty of Homeopathy, and has been teaching for many years on the HPTG courses in Oxford where he completed his undergraduate studies as well as a three year dedicated homeopathy teacher training programme. He practises in Eastbourne and at The Centre for Complementary and Integrated Medicine in London with Professor George Lewith. His has also completed a three year programme with the British Society for Ecological Medicine (BSEM) which involves diet, nutrition, allergy and environmental factors. Nick's main interest, apart from treating the whole patient, is the emotional aspect of disease which appears to be present in all illness and is the part associated with the suffering involved in being ill. Although the other techniques are all helpful in terms of treating disease, he has found that homeopathy has the most impact on the emotional disturbance.

Nick has always enjoyed teaching and HPTG gives him the platform to develop this interest both home and abroad. He has already taught with HPTG in Ireland and is looking forward to the challenge of developing an HPTG course in Sri Lanka.

Current dilemma – "so many patients appear to be ill because of the damp English climate (the English diseases are particularly respiratory or rheumatic), how can I justify not moving to France and commuting to England?!!"





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