This site is for doctors, veterinary surgeons, dentists, pharmacists, medical nurses and veterinary nurses who are interested in homeopathy training in the UK and internationally. It aims to give prospective students a glimpse of the comprehensive training we offer at the Homeopathic Professionals Teaching Group.


As well as the UK HPTG is also teaching in Ireland, Australia and South Africa, as well as continuing to attract health professionals, both from the UK and abroad, onto the UK courses.


The Foundation Course leads to the internationally recognised qualifications in homeopathy:

  • Primary Health Care Certificate in Homeopathy

  • Primary Certificate in Veterinary Homeopathy

- both of which concentrate on first aid, acute prescribing and basic philosophy.

The Intermediate/Professional Course leads to the examinations for full membership of the Faculty of Homeopathy (MFHom/VetMFHom).


2010/2011 Professional Course in Veterinary Homeopathy

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Pete Gregory
leads an interactive teaching session at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of The University of Latvia

Baltic Course in Veterinary Homeopathy

Our Baltic course commenced in 2009 and is held at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of The University of Latvia at Jelgava in Latvia. It leads, after two years of study, to the examination for the British Faculty of Homeopathy Licentiate certificate (VetLFHom). After completing the full 3 year course the student is qualified to take the examination for Veterinary Membership of the Faculty (VetMFHom).  We have students from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania attending the present course, which is delivered in English and follows a similar curriculum to our Professional course, but adapted slightly to meet the specific needs of the participants.

We are planning to commence a second course in October 2011. For further details and booking please contact  Juris Tolpežņikovs  at  vic@llu.lv

Jane Keogh
leads a live case analysis at the January 2011 module at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of The University of Latvia



The 7th Module of the HPTG Professional Course in Veterinary Homeopathy has been completed in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  The Canadian Course is run through the College of Animal Homeopathic Medicine (CAHM) and takes place at the University of British Columbia (UBC).  The current student intake are now 2/3 of the way through the course and have had their first dedicated equine clinical day which included homeopathic case taking and physical examination.  The practical session was generously hosted by the thoroughbred stud farm owned by Mr Bob Ross and at a neighbouring livery yard where students examined several horses and then completed their day back at UBC with clinical lectures on the homeopathic treatment of Equine Endocrine Disorders and Equine Skin Disease.  The course consists of four modules per year for three years plus tutorials and homework.  For further details regarding this course please contact info@hptg.com or visit the CAHM website: www.cahm.ca.


Sue Armstrong examining a horse with students of the Canadian course


We continue to be passionate about this outstanding therapeutic tool which is not only stimulating to study, but can also transform clinical practice.


Homeopathy is the system of therapeutics which treats "like with like" according to the law of similars discovered 200 years ago by Samuel Hahnemann. Click here for FAQ


Homeopathy has been proved to be ideal as a first-line treatment for many of the acute and chronic conditions seen in primary care and has a wide safety margin, even in pregnancy. It is ideal for the doctors, veterinary surgeons, dentists, pharmacists, medical nurses and veterinary nurses who wish to understand their patients problems at a deeper level and from a new perspective.


Come and join the health practitioners throughout the world who are studying and practising homeopathy to the benefit of their patients and with greater satisfaction in their clinical work - and transform YOUR practice.


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